Hawaiian Legacy Foundation: Eddie & Myrna Kamae

Interview with Dennis Kamakahi at Kalalau Lookout

Interview with Dennis Kamakahi recorded at Kalalau Lookout on Kauaʻi. This video contains several takes of Kamakahi playing and singing "Kauai O Mano." For this song Kamakahi plays his guitar Mauna Loa slack key tuned to the key of C. Kamakahi explains that "Kauai O Mano" is a song he was inspired to write after a visit to Kokeʻe at the Kalalau lookout looking over to the high peak on Waiʻaleʻale known as Kawaikini. This video also includes shots of scenic views of the mist rising up the valley to the Kalalau lookout.

Languages: English, Hawaiian


  • Documentary

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