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Interview with Robert Kealiʻihoʻomalu 7/21/90

Interview with Robert Kealʻihoʻomalu recorded on July 21, 1990. In this interview Kealiʻihoʻomalu talks about growing up in the Hawaiian life style, small kid times, playing music with his kids and wife, playing with slack key players like Dennis Pavao who would later become famous, and continuing the Hawaiian culture. Kealiʻihoʻomalu also mentions several place names within the Kalapana district. One original name mentioned is ʻOʻo o ka moa now known as Kamoamoa. He tells a story told by Tūtū ʻOlu about the orgins of the names Kamoamoa, Punaluʻu or Queen's bath, Panau, Kapaahu, Moku Hulu and two ponds named Lonowai and Mawai. Robert also tells stories about Luther Makekau including one about a horse Makekau walked from Honokaʻa to Kalapana.

Languages: English


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