Hawaiian Legacy Foundation: Eddie & Myrna Kamae

Manu Kahaialii and ʻohana at the beach 2/28/91 tape 1

David Kaʻalakea along with Manu Kahaialii and his ʻohana gather and have a "talk story" session (in Hawaiian and English). Kaʻalakea talks about several different types of playing slack key guitar, "... nui nā ʻano pila. Pila hōʻalu, pila paʻakiki, pila pehu, pila hoʻopa..." Kaʻalakea also shows how pila hoʻopa is played. After their talk story session, they "hoʻokani ka pila" or play music and sing. Kaʻaalakea plays steel guitar while Manu and Ipo Kahaialii sing "Aloha ʻIa No O Maui," "Wailele ʻO ʻAkaka" and other songs.

Languages: Hawaiian


  • Documentary

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