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Interview with Clyde "Kindy" Sproat 6/28/93 tape 2

Interview with Clyde "Kindy" Sproat recorded on June 28, 1993 continued from title 20788. Sproat mentions different types of plants of Hawaiʻi and their uses. Some of the plants he talks about are Uhi, a Hawaiian yam used as a starch; Pia, an Irish potato that grew in the uplands of Honokeʻa where he and his grandmother would hike to find it; and Olonā, a native shrub used as cordage. Sproat also talks about the ceremony and protocol practices of kālai wa'a (canoe-carving priest) and explains nā hiʻohiʻona o Hawaiʻi (features of Hawaiʻi). For example, "Hamākua i ka wai lele i nā pali - the water that jumps off the cliffs," is a saying that notes the features of the Hāmākua Coast.

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