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Interview with Kahu David Kawika Kaʻalakea in Kīpahulu 6/10/92 tape 1

Interview with Kahu David Kawika Kaʻalakea recorded on June 10, 1992 for the documentary "Hawaiian Voices: Bridging Past to Present." Kahu Kaʻalakea converses in Hawaiian as he sits near ʻOheʻo waterfall, an area also known as Seven Sacred Pools located in Kīpahulu, Maui. Kīpahulu is Kahu Kaʻalakea's ʻāina hānau (birth place). Kahu Kaʻalakea tells the moʻolelo of the mele "Ka Makani Kāʻili Aloha" written by Matthew Kane, and how the name of the song is also the name of the wind associated with Kīpahulu. Includes scenic shots of Kīpahulu.

Languages: Hawaiian


  • Public affairs

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