Hawaiian Legacy Foundation: Eddie & Myrna Kamae

Interview with Eddie Kamae at Honokaʻa Social Hall in Kukuihaele tape 2 and interview at Waipiʻo Beach; 1987

Continued from title 25761 interview with Eddie Kamae recorded at Honokaʻa Social Hall, Hawaiʻi Island in 1987 for the documentary "Liʻa: The Legacy of a Hawaiian Man." In the first interview at Honokaʻa Social Hall in Kukuihaele, Kamae strums his ʻukulele and talks about how Sam Liʻa Kalainaina was "an example of the very special kind of Hawaiian man." In the second interview at Waipiʻo Beach, Kamae shares a story of when he, his wife Myrna, and a friend visited Kalainaina on Hawaiʻi Island; on their huakaʻi (journey) Kalainaina showed them around Waipiʻo Valley and at the end of their visit he told Kamae to write music about their journey and that he would write the lyrics. The interviewer is architect and friend Boone Morrison who also converses with Kamae throughout the video. B-roll of Waipiʻo Beach and Kamae walking on a road.

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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