Hawaiian Legacy Foundation: Eddie & Myrna Kamae

Interview with Eddie Kamae at Puhiʻula Cave in Kaʻū 3/08/02 tape 1

B-roll and interview with Eddie Kamae recorded on March 8, 2002 at Puhiʻula Cave in Kaʻū, Hawaiʻi for the documentary "Those Who Came Before: The Musical Journey of Eddie Kamae." This video begins with b-roll footage of Eddie and Myrna Kamae in Kaunāmano, an ahupuaʻa of Kaʻū on Hawaiʻi Island, walking towards Puhiʻula cave and panoramic views of the area. In the second part of the video, Kamae talks about his visit to Kaʻū in 1971 and all the places he and his wife Myrna visited with his teacher, Mary Kawena Pukui, who told him many stories about these places. One story he shares is about how Pukui, as a young girl, would travel from uka (inland) to kai (seaward) with her family and her pet donkey to trade bananas, yams, potatoes and other goods of uka with the people of the village in Waikapuna for fish and salt. Kamae recalls Pukui saying it was the old way of doing things, a time they did not lack goods, because they traded with each other.

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